What do I get in the Welcome Kit?

Each welcome kit includes a mask, 10 insertable filters for the masks, and instructions on how to use them. 


Where are you located and where are these made?

We are located in Toronto and all of our products are Canadian designed and assembled. We aim to continue to use Canadian manufacturers wherever possible but as demand for personal protection increases we may need to ethically source our products globally.


What are the filters?

The Purefilter MERV-13 insertable mask filters are capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns. Simply-put, these filters can trap common dust, bacteria/virus carriers, allergens, and prevent the transmission of coughs and sneezes. While there is no guarantee that a strong air filter will protect you from the coronavirus, clean air helps keep your immune system strong. 

The Maskwell mask and filters are best used along side the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, such as staying home, social distancing, and washing your hands effectively.


How long do the filters last?

Filter longevity changes based on usage. Our subscription option provides you with filters monthly to ensure you are always protected. Maskwell insertable filters masks can be purchased here. 

Do your filters contain fibreglass?

Our filters do not contain fibreglass and are safe for use in masks. 


Where do donations go? 

10% of all sales will be donated to The Home Front, a volunteer organization acting as a central hub to help frontline healthcare workers get the support they need during COVID-19. They will be facilitating contributions from Maskwell to purchase PPE, supplies, and support charities that are responding on the front lines.

What is the mask made of?

The mask is 97% Cotton and 3% Elastane on the front and 100% Polyester Micro-Mesh on the back.


When will I receive my mask?

All Maskwell products are ready to ship now!


How do I wash the mask and how often should I?

There are no formal guidelines for how often you should be washing your mask. We do however recommend washing it frequently if you are frequently in-contact with other people or in high-traffic areas. The masks are safe to wash in your washing machine but cannot be machine dried.