MERV-13 Filters and the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic by WHO. It is a very contagious virus that can easily spread through the air you breathe. As a result, many Canadians are scared and trying to protect themselves the best they can.

Luckily, the Government of Canada has taken some drastic measures to help stop the spread in our country. That being said, many of our customers, have been asking:

Do your filters help protect against the Coronavirus?

The answer to that is, it depends on the filter. All air filters have a MERV rating, which indicates how small of particles a filter can capture. Here is a chart which breaks down the capabilities of a MERV-13 filter:


It is worth noting that masks and high-efficiency filters alone can not prevent Coronavirus but they are a great protective measure to use along-side other health-organization recommended prevention. 

Here are some useful links for you to stay informed about the Coronavirus from reputable sources:

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